About Us

Creative Solutions for a Competitive World

At HKG, LLP (formerly Hinton, Kreditor & Gronroos, LLP), we understand that business wants more than just a tax return.  Business wants more detailed analysis's to assist in the decision making process, which will help them be more effective and more efficient, and thereby more profitable.


Any capable accountant can put the numbers in the right places on the forms. But our goal— our lifelong passion and expertise at HKG— is to go beyond the numbers and find ways to make your business more successful.  We help you assess your entire financial picture, guide you on critical decisions and formulate solutions to your business challenges. Businesses need creative solutions for the challenges they must deal with on a continuous basis.

Whether it’s financing, operations or tax planning.  We are passionate about finding opportunities’ to provide our clients a competitive advantage.

With offices in Los Angeles and Orange Counties, we are a team of seasoned professionals who build strong bonds with our clients. We give you in-depth service and attention. And just like you: we are innovators, entrepreneurs, and passionate about our business. When you choose our team you'll sit one-on-one, side-by-side with our best and brightest partners.


Give us a look. We're ready to navigate you through your ever-changing business dynamics— manufacturing, management, finance, marketing and sales—and help you merge those disciplines into a dynamic plan. We're ready to move you toward bigger profits.  HKG is not only dedicated to our customers but also our community - learn more.


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