Your business is our business - trust HKG to understand your industry. Because of HKG’s size and client diversity, our firm has served hundreds of organizations in each sector and our staff members use that experience to benefit our clients.

Benefit From Our Industry Experience
That means our business advisors will come to your project ready to work. You can depend on HKG professionals to understand the broad issues your industry faces.

If revenue recognition is a factor in your field, we know about it. If legislative developments are a challenge, we are aware of them. If percentage of completion is a concern, we’re on top of it. In short, if trends, economic factors, or regulations relate to your industry, your HKG team members will know about them and be able to assist you.
   Industries Served
    - Apparel

    - Bank Consulting and Financial Institutions

    - Construction and Real Estate

    - Early Stage and Emerging Growth Companies

    - Litigation Support

    - Media and Communications

    - Manufacturing and Wholesale Distribution

    - Not-For-Profit

    - Professional Services


In the apparel industry our clients are manufacturers and wholesalers. Timely and accurate financial information is critical to staying competitive in the apparel industry. Staying competitive in the apparel industry means being vigilant about the costs of your supply chain. To fully understand these costs, you need timely information and counsel from people who understand your marketplace.

HKG's team knows the industry inside and out, and regularly work with manufacturers, wholesalers, importers, and distribution centers.

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Bank Consulting and Financial Institutions

Financial institutions and banks are facing uncharted waters in today's economic environment. The market, shareholders and regulators require more of your time and expect more from your management team.

At HKG, a team of bankers, tax consultants, and auditors can help with the pressing issues caused by the economic crisis. [more]


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Construction and Real Estate

Are you getting the right expertise in real estate and construction? Is your tax advisor an expert who knows all the relevant tax laws and regulations, including all the exceptions?

Our firm understands the questions you may have and can advise you from both a technical and a practical standpoint. [more]


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Early Stage and Emerging Growth Companies

Our team includes professionals who understand rapid growth and focus on improving organizational performance, information management, internal controls and corporate governance.

While you focus on developing your product and market, we help you manage risk, improve profitability, plan for expansion and formulate capital requirements. We understand the importance of managing operations while ensuring that financial information is transparent to current and future stakeholders.


Our Network of Investment Bankers, Private Equity Funds and Venture Capitalist are available to review and guide you in determining your capital requirements and assist you in meeting your capital requirements.  [more]

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Litigation Support

When business moves to the courtroom, clear and compelling testimony often is the difference between winning and losing. That's why law firms turn to HKG for litigation services and expert testimony.

With our dedication to research, our knowledge of the changing business environment and our proven communication skills, we're a lawyer's greatest resource in all areas of commercial litigation. [more]


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Media and Communications

We represent companies and artists in many areas of the entertainment and media industry, including publishing, film production studios, post-production companies, equipment leasing companies, advertising, video gaming and musicians and song writers.

HKG works with professional artists and entertainers to help them see the big picture of their artistry in parallel with their financial potential. We tailor our services to the specialized needs of musicians, bands, actors, songwriters, producers, and directors. Working closely with your management team and attorneys, we help sort out the dynamics of touring, monitor and manage your specialized tax needs, and ensure that your financial health is secure.

We work with media and entertainment company’s to structure transactions in the most tax efficient manner. We also assist in obtaining the lowest cost financing available.

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Manufacturing and Wholesale Distribution

Our manufacturing and distribution team can help your business improve its financial performance and long-term success.  Team members have financial and industry audit skills, and an understanding of how information technology, inventory management, process improvement and quality enhancement can strengthen your business. 

Our professionals serve a variety of manufacturing sectors, including food and beverage, industrial and consumer product. [more]

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We offer a wide range of services to nonprofit organizations. You need nonprofit experts to understand your funding requirements, regulations, oversight and demands for increased transparency.

We provide traditional services, including audits, reviews, annual filings, governmental and other compliance audits. We can help with internal audits, indirect cost applications, reviews of your information technology security and efficiency, and design of financial reports. Our nonprofit services also include financial report design, and assistance with development of budgets.  [more]

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Professional Services

The professional services practice at HKG works with clients such as law firms, lobbyists, architects, engineers, interior designers, advertising agencies and medical/dental offices. We specialize in helping these firms achieve improved financial results and the assurance that tax and financial matters are properly addressed.

Our accounting and audit services extend far beyond the preparation of financial statements, we look at the size and nature of your business, its marketplace and industry issues to determine what your requirements are. Prior to any engagement, we analyze your situation and devise a customized plan.

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