HKG, LLP is a team of seasoned professionals committed to building strong partnerships with our clients. Drawing on our knowledge and expertise, we strive to uncover overlooked opportunities and find ways to make you and your business more successful. When you meet the passionate professionals at HKG, you will see that we go beyond the numbers.

What differentiates our firm? We focus on people, our clients and our staff. We believe that our clients are the center of all we do and their satisfaction is our primary concern which is why we are focused on our staff. We strive to create an environment that the team enjoys. As a result, our clients are served by people who enjoy what they do.


David Hinton
Managing Partner

Jeffrey Chase

Eric (Tony) Gronroos

Curt Natham

Virna Lisa McCloskey



Claus Agger-Nielsen

Amy Bertolini

Nam Ook (Brian) Kim

Wing Quan


Thank you for taking the time to learn about HKG, LLP. Those who get to know us recognize there is no place quite like HKG.


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