Tax Services

Fiduciary and Guardianship

HKGLLP provides you an experienced team to process and administrate your tax and accounting requirements. Our services include:

  • Accurate, efficient trust operations and asset custody
  • Expertise in selection and oversight of multiple managers
  • Ongoing auditing and regulatory oversight
  • Proactive working relationship with legal counsel
  • Prepare trust tax returns and maintain tax costs
  • Maintain asset titles and inventory
  • Ongoing, accurate fiduciary accounting
  • Manage marketable and closely held assets
  • Exercise of discretion on behalf of beneficiaries
  • Delaware and offshore trusts
  • Depth of expertise in alternative investments
  • Specialization in management of minerals, real estate, family business and farming as well as closely held assets such as limited
  • Blind trusts for government officials and corporate directors
  • Investment management consistent with our fiduciary duties to the income and remainder beneficiaries

Guardianship Services

We work to protect and enforce the rights of court ordered guardianships.  HKG protects estates for those who are not capable of handling their own responsibilities, generally children or disabled adults.  We respectfully serve and take on the responsibility of managing all assets.  Our professionals take the time to listen and understand your concerns and advocate for your loved one's.

As a guardian, we provide the following:

  • Pay all bills and ongoing expenses
  • Determine overall cash flow requirements and living expenses
  • Establish a monthly budget
  • Coordinate medical insurance filings and expenditures for medical equipment
  • Prepare state and federal income tax returns
  • Invest and manage all assets, including real estate



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- Fiduciary and Guardianship
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- Federal Tax Compliance
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